Top Tips To Prevent Data Loss In Your Company

Top Tips To Prevent Data Loss In Your Company

All companies now use the internet for all manner of business transactions, so it is vital that the sensitive data they’re entrusted with is protected. IT professionals at Netlogyx are experts at developing the right solution for your individual security needs.

Sensitive customer information needs to be readily accessible to selected employees, but as Cybercrime is on the increase, talk with professionals who provide IT Solutions on the Gold Coast, they can protect your company and minimise the risks of data leakage, which would be potentially devastating to your reputation and the entire operation.

Some five basic steps every company needs to take to protect themselves

Tidy UP your Data Storage

Don’t have sensitive data on workstations around the office, on employee’s laptops or accessible by smartphone where it could easily be stolen. Keep your data in a secure central location to be accessed by employees with the necessary clearance over a remote private network.

Introduce security steps to make it much harder and time-consuming for outsiders to gain access. The longer time involved will help alert your cybersecurity system to investigate, identify and if needed, contain or restrict these actions so any attack can be avoided or eliminated before any damage is done or data lost.

Limit Access to Data to Situations That Are Absolutely Necessary

Ensure that only employees that need to, have access to sensitive data.

Instigate a strict policy of bare minimal privilege where employees can only access the resources and data they need to efficiently carry out their job responsibilities

Conduct Regular Cybersecurity Awareness Training Programs

Providing your employee’s with adequate cybersecurity awareness training allows them to recognise the latest phishing and cyber-attack strategies and resist these attempts. It also equips them with the skills to deal with a suspected security breach and what to do during an attempt.

Basic training issues

  • Password Security tips
  • How to recognise social engineering attack strategies
  • Your company rules for using the internet while working
  • What to do in the event your smartphone, laptop or any other device is stolen or compromised
  • Implementing strict security measures and how this can affect customers, employee’s and the company

Ensure All Devices and Endpoints Are Covered with Basic Cybersecurity

All security programs need to be kept up to date and scans completed regularly. Ask the friendly guys providing IT Services on the Gold Coast to advise you on the best and most appropriate cybersecurity for your particular business. They can provide an antivirus that includes scanning for email and downloads for hidden attachments.

Revoke Terminating Employees Access Immediately

All business have staff turnovers, people move to new opportunities or leave for many reasons. At the end of employment, all employees are a potential risk to data security, whether they leave on friendly terms or not as there is less motivation for them to strictly adhere to your data security policies.

Cybercrime is on the increase with millions of internet users and high traffic volumes to and from your business the potential for data abuse demands that you adopt the highest levels of protection to safeguard your business and your customers. A data security breach usually destroys a business, so be prepared.

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