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Matt Gullotta
Matt Gullotta
8. December, 2021.
Neil and the Netlogyx team have been absolutely amazing to work with! They’re fast, friendly, and always able to answer any questions we might have. The best part about their service is that they can identify a problem, fix it, and notify us that the problem is fixed before we even know anything is wrong! If there is ever a problem, they’re able to fix it in a matter of minutes. Through their dedication and hard-work, they have helped our medical business run much smoother and more effectively. It is always nice to know they are there if we ever need it. I would recommend Netlogyx to anyone in any type of workspace. You won’t find anyone better for service quality and efficiency! Well done to Neil and the team on creating such a great brand at Netlogyx!
Stewart Reed
Stewart Reed
2. November, 2020.
Netlogyx have been my IT support team for about 5 years. No job is too big and no job is too small. Glenn, Leonard and Neil have always been fast, accurate, easy to work with and have always had me up and running faster than I expected. These guys are great.
William Crawford
William Crawford
10. September, 2020.
Netlogyx are an excellent company. I have had my email services with them for 2 years now – Crawford Migration and I have known the team at Netlogyx for 4 years now. They are extremely trustworthy, efficient and knowledgeable. I have no hestitation to recommend Netlogyx for your IT needs. William Crawford, Crawford Migration
Alister Cran
Alister Cran
23. January, 2019.
Excellent service. I know Glen both on a professional and personal leveal and would not recommend any one else!
Alex Kyriakides
Alex Kyriakides
18. January, 2019.
I always go to them for my IT and software security needs. Glen and the entire Netlogyx team are incredibly knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Highly recommended!
Dive Videos
Dive Videos
12. December, 2018.
Been using these guys for years. Highly recommend
Ryu Noai
Ryu Noai
6. December, 2018.
Neil from Netlogyx is a great guy and has been in the industry for many years and still has his fingers on the pulse. The systems he uses are amazing and tracks every event which excellent for transparency and reporting.
Robyn Fidden
Robyn Fidden
18. April, 2018.
With so many IT professionals out there, it’s just so strange to know so many people who swear by Glen. I’ve got him on speed dial…… just ready for that fateful day when I need him.
David Nilon
David Nilon
10. April, 2018.
After 3 days of utter frustration with Microsoft technical support not resolving issues with Outlook, Neil fixed the problem in 5 minutes. I would highly recommend the Netlogyx service. They are lifesavers.
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Netlogyx, for all of your business computing requirements.
We specialise in keeping your networks secure & your team working!

Dear Business Owner

We understand your IT systems are the centre of your business.

If your system grinds to a halt, your business stops working. So we take on that urgency. We understand that if your IT systems are not working properly you can’t work, you can’t make money and you can’t survive. We care to the point that it becomes as essential to us as it is to you for your systems to get back up and running quickly.

Our clients enjoy working with us because:

  1. Someone will always available to answer the phone when you call
  2. If you are a client, a technical person will call you back immediately
  3. We can access our client’s computers remotely so we can fix issues very quickly
  4. We probably know there is a problem before our clients do because we are constantly monitoring their systems 24/7

If you want a reliable IT support company that cares as much as you do about your business then give us a call on 07 55201211.


How We Help

Remote Support

Our team can fix most of your desktop and server issues from our office so you are up and running faster

Monitoring + Maintenance

We monitor your IT systems 24/7 so we often know and/or fix your problems before you experience the symptoms

Office 365 Migration

Your email is the lifeblood of your business. Office 365 ensure it is fast, reliable and your emails always get through

Cyber Security

Hackers want to steal your data so they can claim a cash ransom. It’s a quick buck for them, but a disaster for your business

Cloud Computing

Businesses today are moving their servers into the cloud. It is more cost effective, more reliable and more scalable

Refurbished Hardware

Why pay full the price for new hardware when you can get refurbished hardware that will do the exact same job for half the price

Got Any Questions?

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Why hire Netlogyx IT tech support?

Finding the right tech support partner for your business is one of the more important decisions you will make. Your IT system is the single most important tool that your business requires to operate to its full potential. Netlogyx is at the top of the game for IT support on The Gold Coast and this is why you should hire Netlogyx for your IT tech support.

We know that every business is different as is every IT problem. Remote access to your IT system will ensure that our technicians can fix your problem with a minimal downtime for your business. If the problem can’t be fixed remotely, we will have a technician onsite ASAP to save the day.

With over 15 years’ experience in the IT field our technicians have a broad knowledge across many systems, software, and platforms. You can trust your IT system to the team at Netlogyx, they will treat it as if it were their own.

Save your business the overhead of having a permanent IT department. Netlogyx is your on-call IT Department, don’t pay someone to sit in an office and wait for a problem. Netlogyx will fix problems on a need to basis and only charge accordingly.

Keep your business at the forefront of technology with Netlogyx. Our team only use the very latest technology and will ensure your system is updated to the very best version of software and hardware available.

No one business needs the same IT solution, Netlogyx will tailor the solution that works best for your business. There is no need for inclusions that won’t be used, Netlogyx are experts in defining exactly what solution will work for you. There are no band aid fixes with Netlogyx, they work with you to find the perfect long-term solution for your IT requirements. Our aim at Netlogyx is to make you sweat by your IT not at it.

There is no point providing a solution to a client if they don’t understand the “how and why” of it.

  • How the solution works – Netlogyx will provide training to ensure that you and your staff are across all aspects of the system and remember support is just a phone call away.
  • Why they have picked the solution – Netlogyx will explain why the suggested IT solution is best for your business and the benefits it will provide your business.
  • At Netlogyx we understand that not everyone is a computer scientist, and we will provide the right level of education and training for all your staff.
IT Support Gold Coast

What Our Clients Say

IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Cyber security is a major concern for all internet users, especially with the increases in cyber attacks in recent months around Australia. Disaster recovery options need to be considered by all internet users because if and when disaster strikes it has the potential to cause data loss or allow other parties to gain access to all your details.

We are all vulnerable with recent cyber attacks crippling many networks in the government as well as in the private sector. Without adequate IT disaster recovery planning your data could all be lost or stolen.

Security breaches are a real threat, but so are other types of disasters such as theft, vandalism and fire as well as natural disasters such as storms, cyclones, flooding, pest attacks and human error. Therefore even with the best care and protection your computer system needs the best IT disaster recovery planning available.

IT Services Gold Coast

Steps to take for your IT disaster planning

Implementing an adequate IT disaster plan involves an assessment of the risks your likely to face and the measures needed to ensure your data is stored safely and securely. The following ideas may help you in finding a solution that will ensure you important records and data is safe and also easily available to you should disaster strike.

IT Support Gold Coast

Adequate Backup Services

Data backup is vital, you should consider at least two different locations for storing your data, such as relatively safe cloud based storage options. But Cloud base storage also needs a land based facility where they physically store the information. You can be sure these facilities take many precautions against possible danger to your data, but they are still vulnerable.

Always keep a copy of all your data on an encoded and separate, detachable storage device such as a memory card, memory stick or other suitable device you can use to easily and quickly update your stored data daily.

Keep a copy of sensitive data in a third safe location like a safety deposit box or if cloud based, one without any link to your IT networks

Conduct a complete
IT asset inventory

Often there will be an array of assets used under your IT management system including computers, servers, storage devices, networking switches, various app’s and semi-personal devices such as employee smart phones, tablets and laptops or any other devices that could link to your network.

Make a map of your full network so you know of each asset and where it’s physically located and which areas it’s linked to or its dependencies and who has access to them

IT Support Gold Coast
IT Support Gold Coast

Make a total IT
risk assessment

  1. Find out what if any threats there could be for any asset connected to any of your networks
  2. Ensure that all your data is protected by a need to know policy with encrypted access codes that are randomly generated and change frequently
  3. Consider what would happen if any point of your IT was breached or the data it held lost and how you could contain the breach or activate a disaster recovery protocol
  4. Consider equipment malfunction, power outages, theft or damage from accidents and how this could affect your IT security or your ability to function normally

Define your critical data
and IT applications

Classify data in accordance with how critical it is to your business and its value in terms of replacement and the affects of its loss or being compromised to your business.

This will help you build an It disaster recovery planning regime that is easy to manage and implement in the event of a security breach, so you can return to normal in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of disruption.

Consult staff and business managers to determine which areas are vital for them to complete their roles and which areas are less critical. Some of your data may not affect your day to day business or efficiency, so can be deferred until more critical data is recovered or restored

IT Support Gold Coast
IT Solutions Gold Coast

Have regular cyber audits

A cyber audit should be done by an outside company that specializes in conducting cyber audits on businesses to determine if your security measures are adequate to meet any likely threat.

The Australian Government has established a Cyber Security Intelligence Service to give you sensible recommendations on the steps to take for your own protection


Most internet applications send regular updates; these are often important security measures to block scammers and those attempting cyber crime through their sites

IT Solutions Gold Coast

IT’s vital that anyone who has access to your network is adequately trained in the security measures you use and are aware of how to identify such things as phishing emails or other threats. Don’t take chances implement IT disaster planning recovery protocols today.