Email, One Drive, Sharepoint Backup
Protection Against Data Loss

Users can often unwittingly (or purposely) delete important emails, or OneDrive or SharePoint files. If this happens, Netlogyx Barracuda Backup offers the ability to quickly search for and recover what you need without having to file a support ticket with Microsoft.

Access To Email For Former Employees:

If employees leave and you don’t want to continue paying Microsoft a subscription fee simply to store their email and shared documents, Netlogyx Barracuda Backup for Microsoft 365 offers an additional way to retain and access this data.

Support For Compliance:

If you are responsible for an organization that falls under regulations with data-retention requirements, Netlogyx Barracuda Backup is designed to help you retain and archive critical data.

Easy Management:

With Netlogyx Barracuda Backup for Microsoft 365, you can manage your Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint backups from a single web-based dashboard. See and manage backup status across your customers, and many device and data types.


Netlogyx Barracuda Backup helps you strike the right balance between automation and control. You can manually select which Exchange accounts and mailboxes you want to protect, or automatically add newly created Microsoft 365 accounts to the backup schedule.

Point-In-Time Restore:

Exchange mailboxes are backed up automatically up to six times a day, and backups for OneDrive and SharePoint accounts are performed automatically up to four times a day, giving you multiple daily restore points. Choose the one you want, and recover fast.

Data Retention:

Exchange data is retained for seven years, and OneDrive and SharePoint data retained for one year, giving you many potential restore points from which to choose.





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    Why Can’t I host my email on my servers?

    If you are hosting your emails on a shared server it is probably on a server with other  websites, then you are at risk of:

    1. getting your emails sent to your clients junk email folder
    2. Have your emails bounce back
    3. Getting your email domain marked as a spam account

    Email is the #1 way businesses communicate and if any of these things happen to you it is bad for business.

    The problem with small servers or shared mail servers.

    Many new clients complain that their email is going to junk mail instead of the inbox. The reason for this is the way many servers are structured on shared servers. The is one shared IP address for everyone on the server and if somebody gets infected and starts spamming the IP address gets blocked and everyone’s emails on the server gets sent to junk mail.

    If your emails are going to junk mail, then your business will grind to a halt and you will miss many opportunities to win new clients are support your existing clients.

    Using Office 365 gets around this issue. The servers are secured by Microsoft and if there is an issue, they fix it quickly. Microsoft offers small businesses the exact same service as Fortune 500 companies.

    Is my data secure with Office 365?

    Your data is backed up secure and everywhere.

    Office 365 comes with OneDrive. OneDrive is a storage in the cloud. This means that all your files are backed up on Microsoft’s network and can also be synced to your desktop, laptop, iPad and mobile phone.

    You files can be everywhere you go so working remotely is easy and convenient and you never have to worry about losing your files again.

    You can also share your files with your colleagues and clients with a few clicks of a button. These files will be backed up, secured and always kept in sync as all the editing can be complete online.

    Why Choose Office 365 Over Google Apps?

    Compatibility with Office applications is better with Office 365