5 Benefits Of Cloud Computing For Small Businesses

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Cloud Computing

Using “cloud computing” for small businesses is a great and simple solution for many of the accounting problems that faced owners when they first started computerising their bookkeeping. With the old style of manually writing all financial documents in ledgers and notebooks, accounts were kept in a solid form and relatively safe. Modern solutions from Managed IT Services on the Gold Coast make your accounts and sensitive business information 100% safe from loss.

It can’t be stolen, destroyed in a fire or other natural disaster as could happen with paper-based accounts or anything stored on a computer, disks, USB, memory cards or sticks. Just because almost every business is now doing it is not a good reason to follow, but by talking with IT Solution specialists on the Gold Coast you can get a good idea what it could do for your business. The following are five benefits of cloud computing for your business


Using cloud-based infrastructure is inexpensive, cost-efficient and demand-responsive. It removes the problem of the inherent unpredictability of servers when overloaded. If your customers are cut off in the middle of accessing your data due to overloading you are most likely to lose business.

With scalable cloud-based infrastructure, fail-proof systems can kick in and you’ll not lose contact during critical business moments. The beauty is you only pay for what you use so this is a very economical solution; you no longer have to pay for a massive server space you rarely use.


The need to email documents is long over, a collaborative work environment on cloud-based office systems mean multiple users can work simultaneously on the same set of documents. This saves time and misunderstanding as everything is in real-time. This also has the effect of reducing the workload on IT professionals so they can work on data analysis and helping to further reduce costs while targeting your optimum audience


By using a cloud-based office system, both you and your whole business is no longer location dependent. This allows for flexibility in your company while reducing costs by eliminating the need for physical office space. You are also able to have a more inclusive workforce where childcare and disability are no longer a hindrance


Finding out who your customers are, what they want, like and search for, are vital. IT Solutions on the Gold Coast can help you cater to their needs with cloud computing. This gives you all the necessary data collection and processing power to make better business decisions at the right times as you adjust to your customers changing needs. This can all be done on the “cloud” with faster internet speeds than possible using land-based office equipment.


Having a cloud-based storage system means you have protection against security breaches and instant backup of all records as needed.

Using cloud-based Managed IT Services on the Gold Coast can help free up not only your time and cash flow, but it is also a great way to increase your workforce without the huge capital outlay needed for office space as a cloud-based office is not location dependent.