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IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Cyber security is a major concern for all internet users, especially with the increases in cyber attacks in recent months around Australia. Disaster recovery options need to be considered by all internet users because if and when disaster strikes it has the potential to cause data loss or allow other parties to gain access to all your details.

We are all vulnerable with recent cyber attacks crippling many networks in the government as well as in the private sector. Without adequate IT disaster recovery planning your data could all be lost or stolen.

Security breaches are a real threat, but so are other types of disasters such as theft, vandalism and fire as well as natural disasters such as storms, cyclones, flooding, pest attacks and human error. Therefore even with the best care and protection your computer system needs the best IT disaster recovery planning available.

Steps To Take For Your IT Disaster Planning

Implementing an adequate IT disaster plan involves an assessment of the risks your likely to face and the measures needed to ensure your data is stored safely and securely. The following ideas may help you in finding a solution that will ensure you important records and data is safe and also easily available to you should disaster strike.

Adequate Backup Services

Data backup is vital, you should consider at least two different locations for storing your data, such as relatively safe cloud based storage options. But Cloud base storage also needs a land based facility where they physically store the information. You can be sure these facilities take many precautions against possible danger to your data, but they are still vulnerable.

Always keep a copy of all your data on an encoded and separate, detachable storage device such as a memory card, memory stick or other suitable device you can use to easily and quickly update your stored data daily.

Keep a copy of sensitive data in a third safe location like a safety deposit box or if cloud based, one without any link to your IT networks

Conduct A Complete
IT Asset Inventory

Often there will be an array of assets used under your IT management system including computers, servers, storage devices, networking switches, various app’s and semi-personal devices such as employee smart phones, tablets and laptops or any other devices that could link to your network.

Make a map of your full network so you know of each asset and where it’s physically located and which areas it’s linked to or its dependencies and who has access to them

Make A Total IT
Risk Assessment

  1. Find out what if any threats there could be for any asset connected to any of your networks
  2. Ensure that all your data is protected by a need to know policy with encrypted access codes that are randomly generated and change frequently
  3. Consider what would happen if any point of your IT was breached or the data it held lost and how you could contain the breach or activate a disaster recovery protocol
  4. Consider equipment malfunction, power outages, theft or damage from accidents and how this could affect your IT security or your ability to function normally

Define Your Critical Data
And IT Applications

Classify data in accordance with how critical it is to your business and its value in terms of replacement and the affects of its loss or being compromised to your business.

This will help you build an It disaster recovery planning regime that is easy to manage and implement in the event of a security breach, so you can return to normal in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of disruption.

Consult staff and business managers to determine which areas are vital for them to complete their roles and which areas are less critical. Some of your data may not affect your day to day business or efficiency, so can be deferred until more critical data is recovered or restored

Have Regular Cyber Audits

A cyber audit should be done by an outside company that specializes in conducting cyber audits on businesses to determine if your security measures are adequate to meet any likely threat.

The Australian Government has established a Cyber Security Intelligence Service to give you sensible recommendations on the steps to take for your own protection


Most internet applications send regular updates; these are often important security measures to block scammers and those attempting cyber crime through their sites

IT’s vital that anyone who has access to your network is adequately trained in the security measures you use and are aware of how to identify such things as phishing emails or other threats. Don’t take chances implement IT disaster planning recovery protocols today.


We realise that many business don’t have the budget or the need for a full time IT department. However they still need someone they can rely on to keep everything working efficiently, as well as to be there when things go wrong.


  • Super fast response to any network problems, if we can’t fix it remotely we will send someone out immediately to get your business running again
  • A wide range of experienced IT professionals, each specialising in their dedicated area so we can overcome any challenges your computer systems throw up
  • A completely outsourced IT department, so you get all the benefits without the cost or the admin of extra staff
  • Straight forward, “non tech” advice. You don’t need a Degree in Computer Science to understand what we’re up to! We give you the information you need to understand exactly what is being done to manage, maintain, repair and optimise your computer networks at all times
  • The very best cutting-edge technology and software to manage and protect your IT systems and data
  • A 100% rock solid guarantee that if we can’t fix your IT problems you won’t pay a cent for our service, as long as you follow our recommendations
  • The confidence that comes from working with a reliable, trusted local IT partner with 15 years industry experience.

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Gizelle frick

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