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60% of Small Businesses That Get Hacked Go Out Of Business

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Why You Need A Cyber Security Audit

30% of all small businesses that get hacked go out of business. Why? Because:

  1. They have to potentially pay large fines if they do not report the breach to their clients properly
  2. Their customers lose trust in them when they find out their personal data is exposed to the internet
  3. They potentially lose all their business data and cannot keep running the business without it

What Is A Cyber Security Audit?

A cyber security audit is a check we complete across your IT systems regularly to ensure any holes that allow unauthorised access into your systems are closed.

Hackers are finding new ways of access business data through holes in server software, Microsoft Windows and apps that businesses use everyday. The threats are continuously changing as hackers are finding new ways of accessing business systems, so we recommend the audit needs to be completed every 3 months at minimum, monthly is better..



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How do I protect my business from Computer Hackers

Hackers Don't Care About My Small Business, Do They?

Hackers are in it for the money. Typically they are looking for targets with sensitive information like medical practices. They will then encrypt the data and take it offline so the business can’t get access to it. This cripples the business so the business finds it very difficult to run. Imagine a medical practice without any client records.

The hackers will then ask for a ransom to be paid. This happened to a Gold Coast medical practice. They were asked to pay $4000 to regain access to their records again by Russion hackers. The problem with paying the ransom, if the hackers will often ask for more money and only give you access to some of the records. Paying the ransom does not always solve your problems.

Hackers are targeting small businesses because they are vulnerable and they know that small amounts of money like this all add up to a big windfall when you are hacking as many businesses as they are.

Read more about the Gold Coast Medical practice that was hacked by clicking here.

Does a Cyber Security Audit Guarantee I won’t get hacked?

There are no guarantees that you won’t get hacked if you regularly audit your It infrastructure. What the audit will do it drastically reduce the risk of your business being targeted. This at times is all that is required because the hackers are always looking for easy targets.

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What Our Clients Say


If you are hosting your emails on a shared server it is probably on a server with other  websites, then you are at risk of:

  1. getting your emails sent to your clients junk email folder
  2. Have your emails bounce back
  3. Getting your email domain marked as a spam account

Email is the #1 way businesses communicate and if any of these things happen to you it is bad for business.

Many new clients complain that their email is going to junk mail instead of the inbox. The reason for this is the way many servers are structured on shared servers. The is one shared IP address for everyone on the server and if somebody gets infected and starts spamming the IP address gets blocked and everyone’s emails on the server gets sent to junk mail.

If your emails are going to junk mail, then your business will grind to a halt and you will miss many opportunities to win new clients are support your existing clients.

Using Office 365 gets around this issue. The servers are secured by Microsoft and if there is an issue, they fix it quickly. Microsoft offers small businesses the exact same service as Fortune 500 companies.

Your data is backed up secure and everywhere.

Office 365 comes with OneDrive. OneDrive is a storage in the cloud. This means that all your files are backed up on Microsoft’s network and can also be synced to your desktop, laptop, iPad and mobile phone.

You files can be everywhere you go so working remotely is easy and convenient and you never have to worry about losing your files again.

You can also share your files with your colleagues and clients with a few clicks of a button. These files will be backed up, secured and always kept in sync as all the editing can be complete online.

Compatibility with Office applications is better with Office 365

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