IT Support Gold Coast

IT Support Gold Coast

Netlogyx provides IT support Gold Coast, Murwillumbah and Tweed Heads region. No matter your technical difficulty our experienced technicians will be able to assist.

We rely on our computers and smart devices more than ever before. Having internet connection issues can be a frustration for home users and a loss in revenue for business owners. In any situation, a non-working computer or network can chew up a lot of time and can cost businesses money and reputation. Netlogyx comes onsite to your home or business or provides Remote Support. We aim to find solutions to and resolve all technical problems, we stand by this so much we offer a no fix, no fee guarantee.

There are so many companies of on the Gold Coast offering IT Support it can be hard to know where to start when choosing who you want to look after your business.

Here is a list of questions we recommend you ask before hiring a company to manage your IT:


How big is your company?

IT support companies come in all sizes, this does not necessarily reflect their ability to offer more solutions, support or products increases, as does their knowledge base.

Your main priority should be making sure you are confident the company can meet all your needs with the resources they have at their disposal.


Smaller companies and one-man bands can offer a more personal service and can get to understand the workings of your company IT system intimately. Your business is also likely to be more valuable to them and so they should give your company a higher priority. However, a larger corporate support company can offer a wider spread of expertise. You should weigh up the pros and cons.


What levels of support do you offer?

Pay-as-you-go support, where you pay an hourly rate or a fixed price – this is usually the more expensive option in the long run.

Online chat-only support, where you pay a lower fee purely to have access to online chat agents.

Break-fix support, which can be charged hourly, either paid in advance or afterward. It can also be offered on a fixed-price contract, like an insurance policy.

Managed service support, where your support company actively manages your systems to reduce the chance of things going wrong. This usually involves signing an annual support contract.


Do you provide remote management and monitoring?

IT support companies can monitor the state of your network, servers and computers without having to visit your premises. They can do many upgrades and fixes this way too.

This can be very useful: for instance, you may be able to spot that a disk drive is about to fail and then back up the data to the cloud before you lose it. Remote management can also reduce the time it takes to fix things and cut travel costs.


Do you have guaranteed response time?

You should expect your support company to offer a guaranteed response time in the case of a problem with your IT network or website. This may vary depending on what level of support you are willing to pay for.

Be wary of companies guaranteeing to resolve problems within a certain period, because sometimes it can take much longer than expected to get to the root of problems.

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