Why use an External IT Support Provider?

Why Use an External IT Support Provider?

External IT Support: Large businesses require a great deal of IT infrastructure and a department to look after it. Small businesses often can’t afford to have that sort of internal support, yet you need the latest and safest, fully operational IT systems in order for your business to run properly.

Here are 4 reasons why you might consider getting a reputable IT services provider to help with your IT support.

Outsource IT to avoid high salary bills

For small businesses, there just isn’t enough IT requirements to justify employing someone to run the system full-time.

And even if there is, you’ll be hard-pressed to find ALL the skills you need in one person who is motivated to work in your business and not go elsewhere to larger corporations where the salaries are likely to be much higher.

It’s not just their salary bill you need to consider – you’ll have to include holiday pay, super, and tax on-top, so the costs can really add up.

When you outsource your IT requirements to a company of IT professionals who provide IT Services and Support, you’ll pay a lot less overall. Usually, there’s 1 monthly bill, and because they’re monitoring and maintaining your systems to make sure nothing goes wrong, it’s a predictable spend – no surprises.

Get External IT Support for the best access to IT Experts in every area of your business

For a small-medium size business, you are asking a LOT of one IT person to be a specialist in everything to do with IT.

There are just so many different requirements these days to know about so many different aspects of your IT from networks to data, security, monitoring, support, software and hardware. And the pace of change is super-sonic.

It really is just too much for 1 person.

When you use a good External IT Support provider, you’ll find the headaches have gone away and they’ll be up to date on all the latest aspects of IT for every part of your business from networks, software, hardware, monitoring and security.

Local, Online and telephone support

If you haven’t got support in the office, you need to know that there’s someone at the end of the phone that can help with any IT problems that arise. And certainly that they can come to visit your office if required at the drop of a hat.

Most IT support firms offer phone and online support and, because many problems can be sorted out over the phone, you won’t have to wait for an engineer to come out to your office.

However good local firms who provide External IT support will have local engineers available for those emergency situations which is real peace of mind.

Security – how do you know you are protected?

Nowadays, one of the most important parts of your IT system are the ones that protect you from fraud, viruses, hackers or other harm.

Any software or firewalls that are protecting your system need constant monitoring and regular updating to make sure your business is secure and protected from harm.

Rather than scheduling this in for someone in your office to do, and relying on them to have access to all the latest information, it’s much easier to arrange for an external IT company to externally monitor your system for threats 24-7, and to keep your IT hardware, software and networks up-to-date.

If you want to know more, read here to find out how to protect your Gold Coast business from computer hackers and viruses.

Using IT support has many benefits, but for small businesses, the most important thing is that external IT support allows you to concentrate on your business, whilst retaining confidence in your IT systems- and at a much lower cost than employing your own IT expert.

If you want some advice on how to find the best External IT Support Provider on the Gold Coast, click here.

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