Cloud Computing And Your Business

by | Aug 14, 2014 | Cloud Computing


“The Cloud” is becoming one of those modern new terms (like mouse), that used to be something in nature but now is something new, to do with computers. So what is “the cloud”, why do people keep talking about it, and can your business benefit from it?

The cloud is simply a bunch of interconnected servers, computers and infrastructures which are available to be used over a network. (IE. An internet connection) So an example of a cloud service may be a service that enables you to store or backup data somewhere out of your offices. Google Drive and Dropbox are great examples of cloud-based data storage facilities which you may have heard of already.

Despite the misnomer, cloud facilities are still earth-based servers, large facilities of safe servers which, due to their interconnectivity enable fast and seamless scaling. Often the servers are interconnected across national borders, which is why the impression of being everywhere globally is relevant. This also helps with ensuring reliability, obviously in the case of natural disaster in one region.


So what are the benefits of Cloud Computing and can your business benefit from it?

One of the big advantages of cloud computing is that it takes the reliance off PCs for running specific applications. Cloud computing enables both data storage and the running of applications. Therefore PCs and laptops don’t require certain software or applications, these too run in the cloud.

What this means for a business is you can access your business-critical data and programs from any computer or device, from anywhere in the world. All the data syncs to the cloud. The software and technology allow all the work to be carried out through a web browser so you don’t need programs installed on the computer or device, this means with the right access credentials, your team can do their work from an internet cafe in Turkey if they have too.

Another benefit is reliability. Because many physical servers are all connected, if there are problems with one, others step in and carry the load. A user will never even know of these server issues.


The most immediate disadvantage of moving to a cloud-based business system is your business becomes reliant on an internet connection. If your internet goes down (and let’s face it, Australia’s internet providers aren’t the best in the world) your business stops, or shifts to the nearest cafe with wifi.

Another risk is security. Ultimately with cloud computing, you are giving your data to someone else for safekeeping. Some services are more secure than others.

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