One of the largest threats to all modern businesses is cyber crime. Your IT system is central to your business, so when you take part in a cyber security training course in the northern rivers we show you how to reduce the risks of cyber attack and how to ensure your business will survive in the event of a cyber breach.

Many people think cyber crime is restricted to large business, although that was true a few years ago, big businesses now have huge budgets to counter cyber crime, so it’s difficult for cyber criminals to succeed with them. Many cyber criminals like to pray on easy pickings like small companies who don’t bother or can’t afford to use even the basic protection.

It’s vital that everyone who has access to your IT network or any of your databases, are not only aware of cyber crime, but are able to effectively counter it.

What Exactly Is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is about protecting all aspects of your business networks, computer systems, devices, programs, data and data storage. It’s also important to know how to utilize a viable backup storage system that’s isolated or completely separate from your entire computer system so all your important data cannot be compromised and you always have access to it as required.

Cyber attacks can be designed to steal sensitive information such as financial details allowing the cyber criminal access to your financial records of your own or client’s accounts, to gather data and details to sell on the dark web, to extort money from your business or to destroy sensitive data.


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    Our cyber security training courses from the northern rivers will help you in the following ways:

    Layered protection

    We will train you and all your employees on the different methods to successfully  use multi layered protection techniques to make it very hard for cyber criminals to hack your system.

    Think about how incredibly efficient search engines have become and then consider just how dangerous the same type of program could be in the hand of cyber criminals searching for businesses that are not well protected.

    Even if your business is very small and low keyed, it still contains information that cyber criminals can use or sell. Maybe they will just be interested in locking up or kidnapping all your data with the intention of demanding a ransom for its return.

    If a cyber criminal program searches your site and detects you have taken steps to protect all your data where they can’t get it they will move on. With the proper cyber security training we provide at Northern Rivers you will be able to effortlessly ensure your whole system is protected by multi-layers of encryption

    Learn how to recognise threats

    The first line of defence should be to know how to recognise threats. Our training specialists will train your personnel on how to make smart the right smart cyber defence choices so that you and your whole team can avoid cyber threats before they have a chance to infiltrate your IT system and contaminate your network

    Our training reveals the different ways cyber criminals use try and hack our system and the different types of cyber threats you need to be aware of:

    Confidentiality Attacks

    A confidentially attacks designed to steal information that identifies you personally regarding your credit card or banking information, usually, this is sold on the dark web

    Integrity Attacks

    This type of cyber attack is often described as information leaks where a cyber criminal tries to cease sensitive information relating to your business with the intention of causing your business to lose public credibility

    Availability Attacks

    These attacks are designed to block your ability to access your own information in exchange for a ransom. Often, even if you pay the ransom they only release part of the information blockage and make further monetary demands.

    At our Northern rivers cyber security training sessions we show you how to create a range of undiscoverable passwords and encryptions as well as how to detect malicious software and security threats, including what to look for in emails and other forms of It communication as well as on sites you may want to visit.

    Cyber crime is on the increase, the different methods used continue to evolve and take new forms, so it’s important that your whole team is aware and vigilant at all times and with all the different forms of IT communications you use throughout your business to compromise you with security threats that include cyber crime, cyber attacks and cyber terrorism.