Introducing DaaS

Desktop as a Service, or DaaS, are cloud desktop systems that offer the computing power of a physical computer without the hassle associated with its maintenance. Most notably, DaaS platforms from NetLogyx Technology Specialists are cloud-based, which means that they are always on and accessible from any device that is capable of accessing the internet.

The Legacy Approach

Traditional desktop environments require a considerable amount of resources, the most intensive of which are time and cost. Time lost to performing installations, OS and software updates, configurations, troubleshooting and dealing with end-of-life hardware issues can be crippling to all enterprises, regardless of size. The inefficient use of capital due to maintaining a physical desktop environment is also considerable with an annual per-user cost of AUD $1,200 per user.1

There is another way, however. An option that challenges the premise of on-site computing power without compromising accessibility, scalability or usability: Desktop as a Service.


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    Flexibility And Scalability

    A benefit that sets DaaS apart from other solutions, whether they are physical or virtual, is its inherent flexibility. Cloud desktops delivered through Desktop as a Service can be deployed immediately, without the need for costly hardware provisioning and configuration. The rapid deployment capabilities of a cloud-based infrastructure means that user roles can be matched to environment requirements, such as Operating System and task-specific applications.

    Leveraging data centre infrastructure via the cloud essentially puts you in the driver’s seat in terms of scalability options. Virtualisation options can be easily configured, enabling you to expand or contract your infrastructure requirements based on business need. The rapid deployment of resources, coupled with a flexible pricing structure, essentially empowers you to easily align IT requirements with capital outlays. In short, Desktop as a Service puts you in charge of your budget from day one.


    Meeting today’s challenges head-on

    The old-school physical desktop environment, in today’s rapidly changing world, is rife with issues just waiting to become problems. Corporate data security, malware, policy management, platform dependence, antiquated hardware… the list goes on. Minor issues can quickly metamorph into major problems in mere days. The time and effort required to troubleshoot and stave-off potential disasters simply become too much for many corporations to handle. What’s a company to do?

    By its very nature as a cloud-centric solution, Desktop as a Service offers the capability to address all of these issues before they become unmanageable catastrophes:

    • Corporate Data: Maintain the integrity of sensitive data by centralising it in a secure data centre. DaaS enables you to offer highly configurable virtual working environments to your employees, hence negating the need for BYOD policies and the security challenges they pose.
    • Usage and Policy Enforcement: Centralised cloud-based management means that you’re in control of all aspects of policy management & enforcement without compromising the user experience. As a result, users can access information they need, but cannot pose a security risk to your infrastructure.
    • Cost Savings: The Desktop as a Service environment enables you to quickly decrease hardware-related capital outlays. Hardware approaching its end-of-life can be re-purposed for DaaS access while new hardware purchases can be limited to highly cost-effective thin client options.
    • Automated Threat Management: The centralisation of a cloud-based infrastructure means the detection & mitigation of Internet-based threats are handled from a position of strength via a state-of-the-art data centre. The data flow is in your favour, with all in and outbound traffic essentially cleansed and purified before it can pose any threat to your organisation.
    • Platform Independence: With DaaS, users can access data from any device, whether it’s a thin client, iPad, Android, virtual machine or Chromebook. This capability gives you the option of managing workforce accessibility without compromising security.
    • Absolute Accessibility: Speaking of accessibility, leveraging data centre infrastructure via the cloud enables your users to enjoy pure mobility. As long as there is an Internet connection and a remote access client, your user’s virtual desktop will be waiting for them whether they’re in the office, on the go or connecting from home.

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