Do I Need Off-Site Backup Of My Data?

by | Nov 13, 2016 | IT Support

Offsite Data Backup – do you need it?

Offsite data backup – Does your business work on critical databases that are too important to lose?

Are all your business images, invoices, client files, and other IP saved on a local drive or even worse single computer or a couple of computers in the office?

What would happen if your network, computer or laptop suddenly got lost or was compromised?

Unfortunately, here at Netlogyx IT, we hear horror stories all the time of people who’ve lost a significant part of their business because something happened in the office and their data wasn’t backed up.

We wish people realised how important AND how economical it is to get all their data backed up off-site before their own personal disaster story was upon them.

This blog talks a little more about what it is, why it’s important, and how we can help.

is offsite data backup?

Offsite data backup is the term used when your business or personal files are all saved daily at a different location to your office and closely monitored to ensure your data is safe.

This means if you experience a local disaster like a fire, computer theft, a hacker intrusion or other natural factors, you can restore the latest backup of your files so you never lose your data again.

Why Offsite backup is important

As you know, the business world today runs on information and data.

Usually, your computer files contain a lot of important information for running and maintaining your business. Much of this data is also in part your customer’s data that you need to keep safe and secure.

Types of data range from management reports and information to real data that runs your business like accounting files, work in progress and finished customer documents and files that store text, audio, and video in various formats.

If there is even a power breakdown, fire, or system failure – all this data could be corrupted and your own database files destroyed.

How offsite data backup works

When you store data offsite, data is first encrypted, compressed, and then transmitted to an offsite high-security data centre.

Data retrieval can be done during an emergency using either the Internet or other data restore lines.

What your offsite data backup service should include

An offsite backup service run professionally can include the following services

–      encryption to ensure the safety of your data

–      data stored in a safe, securely monitored off-site location

–      client account management

–      telephone support

–      large storage capacities

–      central management for multiple locations

–      backup of all your files as well as emails

How can we help you?

Netlogyx is professionals in helping you with off-site secure backup.

This is just one of our many services that are cheaper than you think and can make all the difference to the ongoing management of your business.