Have You Backed Up Your Data?

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Cloud Computing

In today’s world, backing up your computer is extremely important and while many people do back up files to their computers hard drive, this is ineffective if you have a complete computer breakdown.

Your best option is backing up to an external hard drive to protect your files. This device should be stored separately from your computer and keep in mind it is still at risk of damage, theft or loss. It is also important you are regularly backing up to the device to ensure all backups are up to date and all your recent work has been saved. While we often mean to do this it can be forgotten, leaving your work unprotected.

Another option that is also safe and very effective for securing files is an online cloud service. This means files stored online are safe from damage on your computer in the event you run into a problem, and you will still have remote access to your information from any computer with internet access. This will allow you to restore files quickly and easily to your computer from a secure online server.

Most cloud services offer some level of backup almost as a consequence of the intended function.

Files that are uploaded to the cloud are also safe from disk failure as you have copies stored in the cloud. You want an online back up that will back up all of your computer’s files and not just ones in a synced folder structure. You want to back up anything you would regret losing.

To avoid confusion cloud-based storage refers to storing your files on a providers server rather than your computers hard drive. There is not an actual cloud, it refers to the ability to access your files through the internet. Your data is encrypted while on the servers for protection.

You can access your files through an app or software you can install on your computer. If you temporarily lose internet connection the service just pauses until the connection is restored.