How Fast Is Your Business’s Internet Solution?

by | Nov 17, 2014 | IT Support

Without a doubt, one of the biggest frustrations for a business’s staff members (where the business requires internet) is a slow internet connection. Not only is it frustrating for staff, but it is costly to your business. The more time your staff spend waiting for your internet connection to tick over, the less they get done. We always find it interesting with new clients, to put a price on the time lost to insufficient internet speeds. Our previous blog post covered this topic, this article though looks at some of the benefits of high-speed internet solutions.

One of the things you must consider is whether you are, or intend using cloud servers for anything in your business. If you use a cloud server or intend on using one in the future, high-speed internet is a must. Cloud-based services require internet for your data to be loaded and accessed by your systems and staff. As such, having a slow internet connection will compromise staff effectiveness considerably. Lack of stable internet connection will potentially bring your business to a halt as if the internet goes down, so does access to your data and systems.

Also, consider today that more and more businesses are using data networks to run their phone systems. With a high-speed upload of data, you can run your entire phone network on the same internet solution as your data, meaning you do not need a separate phone system or phone lines. You should speak to us at Netlogyx if this interests you as we have a very simple and effective phone solution for businesses, run 100% on data services. This saves significant costs for our clients who use the system. Obviously, though these clients do have the internet infrastructure to support it.

When discussing internet speeds with clients and prospects, the feedback is very consistent. Typically the same two challenges continue to surface. One, that the ADSL line they have been connected too is too slow. The main reason for this is that these lines tend to be too crowded. The other challenge is that high-speed fibre optic cabling is prohibitively expensive.  Most businesses just cannot afford this option.

This is why at Netlogyx, we offer our clients a fixed wireless ethernet solution. The real benefits of this style of the solution include:

  • all the speed and reliability you need for your business
  • the flexibility to scale with your business
  • the ability to connect to multiple locations easily
  • delivery of a wide range of business applications including the cloud
  • disaster recovery for your primary network

If your business is losing productivity due to slow or unstable internet, call us for a chat. I am sure you will find we can make your business run a little bit smoother every day.