How Password Changing At Frequent Intervals Helps In Maintaining Network Security

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Network Security Audit

There are a lot of people suggest it’s just too much hassle and it’s really not necessary to change passwords regularly. When you consider just how much of your valuable information is stored on your computer, not to mention information that has been given to you on the understanding that you will keep it safe and secure, it becomes important to do everything to keep it secure.

Changing passwords is not that big a drama; in fact, it can be very easy, if you use an app designed to generate randomly selected passwords for you. Talk with the guys at Gold Coast IT Solutions about how to get the most secure password generating app for you and your staff’s computers and IT devices. It has been suggested that up to 80 percent of cyber attacks are directly related to having weak passwords or ones that have been stolen.

Just changing your password regularly will reduce your risk of being caught out by cyber criminals who are actively trying to get hold of your password

Some Major Benefits of Changing Your Passwords Frequently

  • Limits breaches to Your Accounts

Not only is it vital to change your password frequently, it’s vital to have different passwords for every application. Many people have a password that is easy for them to remember they might use a pet’s name or the name of their first car thinking these would be hard for someone to figure out. Then they add, say a number to that password for the next password.

Your password may be Holden Kingswood and the next password is Kingswood2 or o2, some people have the exact same password for everything. The problem with this is if discovered, all your devices and computers are able to be hacked and you could lose all your data, have your bank accounts emptied and credit cards maxed out.

Cyber criminals use high tech algorithms similar to search engines to run find passwords. They use combinations of words, names, numbers and information about you. The only way that you can avoid them is to have a completely random password and this should be unique to each application and never shared.

If you wish someone else to access your app, then have a separate password for them

  • Prevents Constant or Repeat Access

Once a hacker gets your password they may just make very small changes to your system that you don’t at first notice and start a progressive defrauding campaign or they may make a grab for everything at once.

Often a hacker once they have your password will keep coming back, so changing your password stops them and reduces the chances of them regaining access

  • Stops the Use of Saved Passwords

If you use more than one computer or change computers, frequently changing your passwords means all old passwords are useless

  • Stop Keystroke Hacking

Keystroke logger surveillance technology records keystrokes when someone logs in to steal passwords. By regularly changing passwords any of them obtained by this method will not be useful for long.

Changing your passwords at regularly is important for maintaining your security, the guys at Gold Coast IT Solution will help you find a very cost effective random password selecting app for networking security.