Importance Of Network Security Audit To Avoid Business Vulnerabilities

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Network Security Audit

The cyber world is full of opportunities for everyone on the planet, with equal internet access for cybercriminals, so a network security audit is vital for your protection.

Cybercriminals are just as sophisticated as most search engines and take only a fraction of a second to search your network defenses to find any weaknesses and exploit them.

Large companies with seemingly bottomless budgets, were up until recently cybercriminals main targets, but they are carefully guarded so the cybercriminal market have moved its attention to smaller easily penetrated areas.

Because of the ever present threat of security breaches IT specialists are constantly checking monitoring and creating new ways to prevent potential threats.

What a network security audit does

A network audit checks your whole network security system including its hardware, software, apps, data storage and recovery as well as everyone who has access to your network and their devices looking for areas that could become security issues including:

  • Checking to ensure all components are configured correctly and properly working
  • Ensuring all components of your networking systems have the latest updates installed
  • They examine the data flow in and out of your business to see if your system needs modification or safety improvements
  • They take a very close look at the types of processes and technologies your using for anti-data theft
  • The audit will make an in depth and thorough analysis of your IT practices and those of everyone who has access to your network with a view to the improvement of security
  • They will recommend different options to leverage IT security from your existing assets and the measures you need to take and which are the right tools you need for your particular unique operation
  • Find any areas that need modification or replacement with new and more appropriate options

An advantage of having a regular network security audit is that you have a specialist technician with an entirely fresh outlook checking your IT security system and protective measures. This often helps to locate areas that have been missed or neglected.

Part of the network security audit is about testing the effectiveness of your whole system and checking for such things as any unauthorized or forgotten wireless network systems or interference that could pose a future risk.

Your network security audit will provide you with a detailed report on the health of your IT security system and any measures and changes you need to implement to provide a more secure networking environment. This may mean you need to change some or all of your security polices and standards.

The threat of cyber attacks, data theft and malicious attacks designed to modify your computer programs and coding, often with disastrous and damaging consequences will always be part of life on the internet. Everyone needs to take the appropriate measures to eliminate security weaknesses and possible breaches such as having a regular network audit made on your business systems to minimise the risk of cyber threats with cost effective and reliable technologies by a reliable and competent IT provider.