An audit for many people is a nuisance; it suggests there will be someone going through your business with the goal of finding faults and causing extra work.

Network Security Audit is very different; it ensures every part of your internet presence is checked, to provide you with the optimum level of business security and peace of mind

An Explanation Of A Network Security Audit

During a Network Security Audit your MSSPs or managed security provider will investigate your cybersecurity policies and all your internet assets to identify and areas that may have security breaches or risks. This is accomplished by using a variety of methods that may include:

1. Remote or onsite service

We know that every business is different as is every IT problem. Remote access to your IT system will ensure that our technicians can fix yourproblem with a minimal downtime for your business. If the problem can’t be fixed remotely, we will have a technician onsite ASAP to save the day.


All procedures and security policies need to be reviewed to ensure they meet a high enough standard to effectively protect your information, assets and technology. This includes anyone with access to your network and checking if they really need access to effectively do their job


This is an important part of your network security audit as it provides an in-depth analysis of the controls, policies and technologies that were identified in your Policy Security Review to ensure they are adequate and effective for your unique situation


As each business is different, each has different risk factors. The processes, their function and application involved in your business need to be assessed to identify threats weaknesses and the potential impact of a security breach to determine the best way to protect your network and business. Then remedies can be installed that will safeguard your asset from the largest threat to the smallest using appropriate the measures


A business’s network firewall needs to be checked for base analyses, topology, configurations and management processes and procedures. The way it deals with remote access and other networks and ensuring it’s up to date with the most advanced and latest versions of all blockers and patches


Once all the reviews and assessments are completed a full security check of all the things covered in your network security audit needs to be carried out to ensure the systems and measures used will completely protect your network in all situations. Your MSSP will try and break your security system and locate any areas that need re-evaluation

Once your Network Security Audit is complete you will be provided with a full report that explains every issue found and the measures taken to protect you and the company.


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    Why You Need A Regular Network Security Audit

    Network security is very important for anyone on the internet as there are many people trying to scam or defraud the unwary. Regular Network Security Audits are necessary because of the rapidly changing internet and new threats are always being created by those seeking to gain entry to other businesses. Some of these threats are straight fraud while others are just malicious and disruptive such as malware.

    Whenever you add new hardware or software programs to your network you are creating potential security endpoints a network security audit will pick these up. It is important to note that even using the “Cloud” can produce unknown threats and security issues.

    Compared to the cost that can ensue after a security breach, loss of business, revenue and reputation as well as the frustration and worry, a Network Security Audit is inexpensive and convenient.