Remote IT Support

by | Apr 26, 2018 | IT Support


  • Remote support is a secure service, which allows representatives to help the client to solve their computer problems remotely. This can be done either by displaying the steps to take through screen sharing or the alternative that involves taking control of desktops to perform tasks remotely. Most times, remote support is used in conjunction with a phone call to provide support.
  • This allows the technician to diagnose the problem and play with several potential steps to provide a resolution to the issue and verifies the resolution that has been implemented. Remote support is always done via the Internet. This allows the technician to work from their workstation and eliminates the need to move the computer which can be a big hassle for the client. A desktop sharing software is what is used to feed the remote support trouble-shooter with rapid-fire screenshots from the screen of the problematic computer. Also, mouse clicks and keystrokes are captured by the remote support trouble-shooter and sent to the technician which allows them to view what is happening on their client’s computer and work out what action to take to resolve the issue.


Now that you understand what remote support is let us explain the benefits of the service for your business.

  • Efficiency
    This is one of remote support’s biggest benefits. This is because it cuts out the time that would have been used on travel to see a client, getting the job done more efficiently. The only downtime involved in remote support is connecting the remote support software online.
  • Multi-tasking
    This is a worthwhile benefit for those who keep asking why to use remote support. It allows the technician to successfully complete several jobs. This allows the technician to have a number of billable hours taken care of in a shorter time period.
  • After Hours
    Remote support is perfect for after-hours jobs that may occur. This generally applies to issues such as Windows updates and server errors. It is the perfect solution for situations where clients have an issue but don’t have the time for the technician to work on the problem.