For most businesses these days, having a robust computer and network structure is critical to business continuity. Down time of computers or servers at the very least is expensive, at worst can be disastrous with loss of income, staff productivity and customer satisfaction. If your business relies on its computers and data, you will understand how critical this is. If you understand how critical this is, you will then know exactly how much a good investment it is to have your servers and workstations actively monitored and maintained by competent IT professionals.


So what would you typically look for from an IT Support business in a Server and Workstation Monitoring and Maintenance service? There would be a few different elements to consider. The first priority would be ensuring maximum “uptime” of your systems. This means the IT Support company would need to ensure your servers and workstations are available to your business during business hours as close to 100% of the time as possible, given your hardware constraints. If there were hardware issues, recommendations around more appropriate systems could be a discussion.


Servers and workstations are computers, unfortunately sometimes things go wrong. With proper monitoring systems in place, the IT company should be able to rapidly be made aware of a downtime situation and take proactive corrective action. At Netlogyx, we offer 24/7 monitoring services to our clients. On the occasions where a client does have a system or server issue, more often than not we are notified by our systems and have taken the appropriate corrective actions before our clients even know there is an issue. If this is the type of proactive service you need for your business systems, you should call us today for more information on 07 5520 1211.


There are other elements of a maintenance style of IT service which could be seen as ongoing business improvement. For example, a maintenance package could include services such as ensuring software is kept up to date. Hardware also wears out over time, you may look for a style of engagement where we keep your hardware up to date. Virus and spyware protection can be included and of course a regular and robust data backup system is a must for most businesses that rely on data.


The structure of monitoring and maintenance packages really depends on the critical points of risk for your business. What do we need to protect? Where do we need to improve performance? The cost of these packages is always minor when compared to the cost of losing your business’s systems or data. If you would like to discuss the needs of your business’s IT support more, please call us on 07 5520 1211 for a no obligation discussion.