Top Tips To Minimize Data Loss

by | Dec 26, 2019 | IT Support

Having your business working on the internet has made many companies more cost effective, but the downside is that unless you have incorporated a good strategy for saving your data in the case of a breakdown, cyber crime or natural disaster, you could lose all your valuable data in a flash, an experience that has caused many businesses to collapse overnight. To safeguard yourself from this enjoy the services of IT support on the Gold Coast for a safe and cost effective solution.

To help you avoid having to face data loss these follow these pro tips:

  • Always keep your Software Updated

As soon as your software become vulnerable most suppliers send updates to counter the problem and fix the issues, so avoid postponing updating your software and keep an eye open for any pending updates as if you delay you become vulnerable

Protect your Hardware

Keeping your hardware components, especially any networking apparatus secured so it cannot be stolen or tampered with. Having security cameras to monitor any movement in and around your whole area helps prevent theft and malicious tampering. By keeping areas clear and tidy as well as protected with a good lighting system helps to prevent accidents.

Use a variety of Backups

Ask your IT support company on the Gold Coast about providing with you a multiple storage and backup system to secure all your data. Include such things as cloud storage plus have all data saved at regular intervals and  keep two separate storage devices. Always check data was correctly saved on all your devices

Restrict Access

Have all your data accessible strictly on a need to know basis so there are only a few individuals accountable for losses

Create a Disaster Plan

If you have a clearly defined and known disaster plan, then everyone knows what to do and what is expected of them in the event of a disaster. This helps to cope if the worst happens and if everyone is prepared the effects can be minimised. Have your IT support company on the Gold Coast make a disaster relief plan and get them to test it regularly so you can be sure it’s effective and always relevant to your needs. This will reveal any new issues and allow them to be countered before they adversely impact on your data

Cover All Your Devices

Most businesses and their employees use a multitude of devices to keep in touch during business hours and for personal use. Because of the overlap in usages and the need to allow for personal privacy issues and at the same time comply with company policies, there needs to be a well-defined policy set out for the use of all devices that could compromise company safety and expose confidential data

Proper Use of Passwords

Ensuring passwords are frequently changed as well as randomly generated, so there is no logical order and therefore ability of them being discovered by cyber criminals is essential.

It’s vital for all businesses to take all possible precautions to prevent data loss and one of the most cost effective ways to do this is to use the services of your local IT support company on the Gold Coast. They will provide a multi-faceted solution that will help safeguard your business data.