What Are The 5 Common Problems Of Computer’s?

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Computer Repair

When you’re having computer issues it can be very frustrating, often the best solution is to visit your computer support on the Gold Coast to get it functioning normally.

These are the five most common problems you’re likely to face with a few ways to solve them.

  1. Slow running Computer

The most common problem with computers is a lack of preventive care and maintenance. Often obsolete programs are running, sometimes spyware or malware can be picked up when downloading files. To counter these problems running a diagnostic test is a good way to uncover these issues, after addressing them your speed will increase

  1. Strange Noises

The most common noise from a computer is the CPU fan, sometimes your PC may start running hot so the fan needs to work harder.

Desktop computers often have multiple fans to cool different areas

Laptops usually have only one fan that’s used to cool the CPU

Ensure all vents are clear and clean to prevent overheating

If you find there are other noises, it’s most likely your hard drive, this can be clicking, thumping or humming sound and indicates that the hard drive is about to fail.

Clean the fans or visit your computer support team on the Gold Coast for servicing

  1. Slow Data Downloading

The most common reason for slow downloading is having a slow internet speed, the best way to fix this is to upgrade your internet package and get a higher speed.

  • It could also be a problem with having too small a system to handle the amount and size of your typical downloads or trying to download too many files at once
  • Music files tend to be large and can impact on download speeds
  • Your drive may be low on space
  • Running lots of programs while downloading can reduce download speeds
  1. Failed Connections or Slow Internet

Signal interferences are the usual issues with wireless services or router issues

  • Sometimes when you lose your signal, the system tries to reconnect automatically causing a buffering effect
  • Check the distance of your router from your computer
  • Interference from other nearby wireless types of connections
  • Microwave ovens can also disrupt the signal
  • An incorrectly configured broadband router can cause a bad connection. Check the settings in the manufacturer’s manual
  1. System Shutdowns or Freezing

This is normally due to hardware problems and can best be resolved with a complete diagnostic test to determine the sour of your problem from computer support on the Gold Coast

Your computer as a safeguard is designed to shut down if it overheats or it detects any damaged components

  • The first thing to do is to check all your connections and your power source
  • Ensure your fans are working and cooling adequately

If everything is Ok and hasn’t overheated, reboot your system in safe mode and run the diagnostics. If there is still a problem you may need to take it to an expert and have it checked.

The five most common problems encountered when using computers are having a slow running speed, slow data downloads, strange noises, failed connections and shutdowns of freezing. These are all problems that can be resolved by your computer support team on the Gold Coast with proper maintenance and preventive care.