When Business Servers Are Maintained Effectively

by | Feb 6, 2015 | IT Support

A server crashing may seem like a “worst-case scenario” and some might think IT businesses use this situation as a “scare tactic” to make a sale. So rather than looking at the worst-case system scenario for your business, let’s take a moment to look at another angle – the benefits of effective maintenance.

Let’s say your computers are all connected and communicating as you set them up. In reality though, while they are connected and communicating the way you “want” them to, without ongoing and professional oversight it is unlikely they are operating at their full capacity? Without effective and preventative IT solutions in place, chances are there’s loads of room for improvement!

Here at Netlogyx our remote monitoring ensures your servers are not only “up”, but running at peak performance when you need them to. You might be wondering how it is that we are able to do this? It’s simple: our systems will notify us of any potential problems, and we are able to take corrective actions well before an issue arises.

In a previous blog of ours, we explored the potential costs involved when you have poorly managed systems. One of these costs was the money you lose paying staff for “wasted time” – any time lost waiting for a slow server (even if you don’t realize you’re waiting!) is wasted time. It’s important to remember that well-maintained servers mean your staff can focus on tasks that are important without hassles like waiting for a network to “catch-up”.

You can view this in more detail by following this link: https://www.netlogyxit.com.au/blog/the-real-cost-of-poorly-supported-it-gold-coast-it-services

So, when you look at the real costs involved when your servers and networks aren’t properly monitored and maintained – it becomes blatantly obvious that a smart investment is having the dedicated team of experts at Netlogyx monitor these systems and keep these systems up to date.

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