Why Cyber Security Awareness Is Important?

by | Jun 30, 2022 | Cyber Security

In our day and age, almost everyone is aware of the possibility of identity theft and network hacking, and most of them are responsible enough not to intentionally download malicious code or click dubious links. The importance of cyber security lies in its ability to protect all categories of data from theft and damage.


Listed below are some of the important reasons why cyber security awareness is important


It prevents Attacks and breaches

Security awareness training is one of the most obvious methods of preventing breaches. It is difficult to quantify how many breaches security awareness training prevents. Security awareness software can still prove its value in the field of cyber security on the Gold Coast. Comparing the number of incidents before and after implementing awareness activities is possible.


It helps in building a security culture

Chief information security officers have long believed that establishing a security culture is the holy grail of their profession. Furthermore, a culture of this type is notoriously difficult to create. Increasingly, organizations are focusing on cyber security on the Gold Coast awareness training. To build a culture of security, you must weave security values into the fabric of your business. People need to be educated on situational awareness and the benefits of work and home. Advanced training platforms on cyber security on the Gold Coast can monitor and develop a security culture, making the people your first line of defence.


Strengthening technological defences

There is no doubt that technological defences are an important tool in the fight against breaches. Technology defences, however, require contributions from people as well. The first step is to activate the firewall. The first thing you need to do is acknowledge the cyber security Gold Coast warnings. Technology defences are essential for businesses today. However, technological defences cannot be fully effective without a cyber security Gold Coast awareness training program. The majority of attackers today don’t bother trying to attack businesses through technology alone. A common method of attack today is focusing on people since they provide easy access to protected networks.


Enhance Customer confidence

There is a growing awareness of cyber threats among consumers. Consumers want to feel secure and safe when shopping online. Businesses that take steps to improve the cyber security Gold Coast of their business will be better able to generate the trust of consumers in the future. Customers loyal to trusted businesses will be loyal to them in the future. A recent survey found that seventy per cent of consumers believe businesses are not doing enough to ensure cyber security. Security credentials are clearly of great importance to customers. You must provide security awareness training to your customers to enhance your position as a responsible company.


Taking social responsibility as a business

Cyber-attacks can spread in a very short period. A network that becomes infected increases the chances that other networks become at risk. A network’s weakness increases the overall risk for other networks as well. A lack of cyber security Gold Coast awareness training in one organization leads to other organizations being vulnerable. It is the same thing as leaving the door of your house unlocked and waiting for the key to the next door to turn up. It is in everyone’s best interests to be trained on cyber security Gold Coast awareness. It has the potential to benefit your customers, your suppliers, and everyone who has a connection with your network.


To ensure that there are no gaps in your IT systems that could allow unauthorized access, Netlogyx conducts a cyber security audit regularly involving checking your IT systems. It is increasingly common for hackers to exploit holes in server software, Microsoft Windows, and everyday apps used by businesses. Since hackers are constantly gaining access to business systems, we at Netlogyx recommend regular auditing your cyber security Gold Coast.