Why Cyber Security Is Important

by | Oct 29, 2020 | Cyber Security, Network Security Audit

The modern internet is a vital part of every successful business with billions of dollars being transacted every minute by millions of users. Because of this, it has attracted the attention of society’s criminal element at cyber security, Northern Rivers we can help protect your website and your whole IT network whether you’re an individual or company with many users,

Cyber criminals know that cyber crime is extremely profitable and has the advantage that they do not have to expose themselves to commit their crimes as they would in say robbing a bank or committing a home or shop burglary. Cybercrime is a very high profit, low risk industry for anyone with a low sense of right and wrong who wish to steal from others.

Everyone who uses the internet is at risk of becoming a victim of the cyber criminal because:


The internet is an extremely complicated set of computer codes that allows a multitude of computers to be joined together all across the world. Data and queries can be sent almost instantly anywhere with an instant answer. Unfortunately, the criminal element is also technically advanced and for every advance in cyber crime prevention, they soon come up with a way to get around so we all need to be constantly on guard and implement the new updates for all apps were using as they arrive

Cybercriminals are after

Cybercriminals are interested in all details such as personally identifiable information, health information, intellectual property, bank account information and credit card information.

Some data obtained by cyber criminals may be used by them, but the majority is sold on the black market

Simple firewalls and antivirus software are no longer adequate cyber security measures as cybercriminals are very sophisticated and very resourceful and no one can afford to ignore the dangers involved from scams like phishing, ransomware and other forms of malware designed to steal your data or extort money from you in a number of ways.

  • What is cyber security?

Cybersecurity is the process used to protect computer systems, devices, networks and programs from a cyber attack or the process of recovery after a cyber attack. The internet is becoming more popular by the hour with many businesses and individuals no almost totally reliant on it for their livelihood, communication and social needs.

Cyrber attacks are increasing rapidly with attackers now using social engineering and artificial intelligence much the same as Google search engines to crawl websites looking for weaknesses and ways to exploit what they find where ever they find it.

  • Third party danger

Many websites with their own elaborate defence systems in place are often let down by third parties they deal with who have not been so vigilant in employing protective protocols, so have unbeknown to themselves, been hacked and pass this on to sites they join or link to

  • Why is cyber crime increasing?

Because of the huge amount of information on the internet and cloud services it is very hard for authorities to detect and stop cybercrime or find the perpetrators as they can easily hide their identities making cyber crime very lucrative and relatively risk free

Cyber security, Northern Rivers can help you protect your data and your whole network from the ever present threat of cyber attack which can come from many external sources or even from within your own network, you need to remain forever vigilant and have all systems independently backed up.