Why It Is Required To Have A Backup Of Your Server

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Business Continuity, Network Security Audit

It’s surprising how many people do not bother to backup their server on a regular basis. Although servers are reliable most of the time they are not fail proof. When you consider that all your data could be compromised of destroyed if you don’t have a backup of your server, it’s much better to be prepared for this type of problem as no one knows when disaster may strike. If you have a system failure, computer theft or a natural disaster such as fire or flooding your business could be crippled and once lost data is very hard to get back.

These are the main reasons why it’s required that you backup your server

  • To prevent data loss

If your server id damaged or lost for whatever reason the data may never be recovered. You will have lost vital information about your finances, your clients, your customers and suppliers

  • Data Migration

You can save money and time as well as lowering the risk of data loss when transferring files from one computer system to another by using a backup server

  • Website protection

Your website is your public online face, although your web provider will backup your server, you need to backup your whole website and web presence as if you have to restore your site and contents you may have to be off line for several days or more which risks losing customers and sales

  • Protect your Clients Data

If you host a social media website or websites for clients you must backup your server daily, this not only protects your data, but your clients as well. It would be very bad for instilling trust and confidence in customers if you needed to ask for their data again because you failed to backup your server and plan for unforeseen accidents

How to backup your server

The two main types of server backup are having it done automatically using backup software and the other is manual. Both can be done onsite and or offsite.

There are a range of backup software solution available online, some are free while others are a paid for service. The one you choose depends on the volume of data you need to backup and the frequency.

Manual backups are more often used as a one off operation done at selected times an automatic server backup can be done on a specific schedule

Data Storage

When you make a backup for your server, you need to store the data. There are several options from using the cloud to a CD or memory stick. These have different costs, some are easier to use and some are more robust, so some thought is required on which is best for your needs.

Most businesses will opt for onsite as well as offsite backup storage so all bases are covered in the event of disasters

In most cases, a backup of your server should be made daily, once work is finished. If you have a small business and a low data input, then it could be weekly or monthly, but considering your data is the lifeblood of your business and making a backup could save it and it’s very inexpensive, unless you have a huge amount of data, it should be done as often as is practical.