5 Ways To Maintain Network Security

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Network Security Audit

Security is now a major issue in all your internet activities, personal and internet marketing. Regardless of the size of business or company having a regular network security audit is one of the best ways to properly maintain your network security, keeping you and your data safe and secure.

Five ways you can insure you have the best possible network security are:

  1. Install and Monitor a Firewall

This is a series of rules that are designed to control all inward as well as outward network traffic.

It allows computers or networks to access your system if they follow your rules and if they don’t, access is denied. Because hackers are becoming more sophisticated, firewalls are also having to. Often networks use a number of systems working in tandem to increase your network security

  1. Regular Password Updates

It’s vital that all your passwords are updated regularly. Passwords need to be randomly and electronically generated,so there is no possibility of them being discovered. Cyber criminals now use very complex algorithms to sniff out passwords using all the information on the web. This means they need to be totally random, but also need to be securely stored.

  1. Maintain the latest AntiVirus Software

In order for anti-virus software to stay ahead of hackers who are constantly trying to crack their codes, you need to constantly update or upgrade. It’s also necessary to ensure all those who have access to your networks are aware of the things they need to look out for to avoid hackers.

  1. Create Your Own (VPN) Virtual Private Network

Have a total network security audit and then create your own VPN. This means that your whole network is only available for computers and those in your system, whether they are close or in another location. It’s very hard for hackers to gain access as you have eliminated their entrance ways.

  1. Training and Best Practices

The best strategy for overcoming cyber crime and security issues is to be sure all members of your company are well educated in all aspects of network security.

Even the best up to date network security systems will not prevent security breaches from determined, cyber criminals or human error. Having your staff well trained with frequent educational meetings and training is the best method of maintaining your network security.

Having a managed service provider allows you to utilize the latest software and technology without having to break the budget as well as having your staff fully trained in the correct use and best practice procedures.

Managed IT providers give you a complete monitored system 24/7 so you can be sure in the event of breakdowns or security issues they will be resolved quickly.

Maintaining security in your business is critical, a proper network security audit should be carried out periodically in the same way installing and monitoring a suitable firewall will keep your network secure?

Many businesses and even individuals neglect to have regular password updates or maintain their anti-virus software, leaving themselves open to cyber crime and security issues. Taking advantage of an IT service provider and creating your own virtual private network along with complete staff training and familiarization will ensure you use the best internet practices to keep your network secure.