Computer Repairs And Service For Every Gold Coast Business

by | Dec 14, 2014 | Computer Repair

Every business is a little bit different. Different size, different industries, different needs for IT servers and workstations. And every business has different levels of computer and IT knowledge and sophistication. We realise this. We also realise that it does not really matter where you fit with all these differences in your business, at some point you are likely to need professional and effective computer repairs support. As such, at Netlogyx we have a number of different options for computer and server repairs. We have summarised these below:


We can repair computers, servers and networks on an Adhoc basis. Often these types of repairs are emergency or unexpected breakdown repairs, so we understand the urgency and try and turn around such repairs as fast as possible. Where possible we will implement repairs online over a secure connection. If this will not work, we can make repairs onsite or in our workshop. The main features of this service include:

  • Fast response times for business
  • Parts held locally
  • Rental systems available
  • Log system fault via website
  • Phone and speak to a local Australian engineer
  • Remote login and repair via the internet available


Many of our business clients engage us to monitor their servers and workstations. This service enables us to often flag and fix situations before they become problems. Monitoring gives us the opportunity to take preventative maintenance repairs, which means minimum downtime. The features of our monitoring services include:

  • All services in the Adhoc Repairs section above; plus
  • We can tell when your HD is failing and take action
  • We can tell if backups are working, and take action if they are not
  • We can tell if your anti-virus is doing its job, and take action if it is not


Many of our clients now engage with us with a regular maintenance agreement. The benefit of such an agreement is:

  • You get all the benefits of our computer and server monitoring services; plus
  • Your receive special rates, making everything more cost-effective for you; plus
  • You have telephone support available
  • You enjoy faster response times from our team

It doesn’t matter the size or features of your business, we can support you with our professional IT and computer repair services on the Gold Coast. Please give us a call today to discuss how we can best support you.