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Netlogyx are your Gold Coast based IT specialists. We’ve been working on computer repairs since 1976. That’s a long time! We fix your hardware so you can get on with running your business or using your personal laptop.

No computer problem is too big or small, and we work with individuals or businesses in Mudgeeraba to fix your personal or business computers or PCs. Depending on your situation, we will either come to you; provide remote support; or bring your laptops / PCs to our Currumbin workshop to fix.

We specialise in working on computer repairs relating to hardware, viruses and networks including macs or PCs. If you need mac repairs Mudgeeraba, click here.

Computer Repairs Mudgeeraba | Gold Coast – Fixing Viruses

If you suspect your PC, laptop or network has been infected by a virus, please call us on 07 5520 1211 as soon as possible. We will talk you through the next steps to resolve your issue.

We are experienced in taking viruses off your computer or laptop, and are able to put measures in place to prevent future attacks. This applies for both personal computers and business networks.

Please see here for more on Data Security Mudgeeraba or read more information if you think your Mudgeeraba computer has been hacked.


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    Other IT Solutions In Mudgeeraba Computer Repairs Burleigh Heads Data Storage Issues!

    One of the biggest problems we see these days is people and businesses not having enough storage on their laptop or pc. It slows you down and just causes headaches. Sometimes you even delete files you want to keep – just to create some more space and get your computer running properly. This is something we specialise in and can help you in a number of ways for your computer repairs Mudgeeraba.

    We can help you

    • Upgrade your hardware on your PC or computer so you have more storage and processing power. This will also lead to a faster computer
    • Provide off-site data storage – click here to understand more about getting huge amounts of data storage at a minimal cost or give us a call on 07 5520 1211 to ask about this option that hundreds of Gold Coast users are now onto.

    Computer Back-Up Solutions Mudgeeraba

    When you are suddenly infected by a virus, your realise how important it is that you have a reliable back-up.

    Many of our customers who come in for computer repairs, end up purchasing our computer back-up IT solutions. This is because we provide peace of mind for your business and personal files. Our storage is off-site for you and we make sure your network and files are regularly backed up on our servers. Therefore you never have to worry about losing your data or work again.  

    Other IT Services In Mudgeeraba

    We provide a range of services in Mudgeeraba including:

    Our Computer Repair Locations

    We work on Computer Repairs across the Gold Coast and can provide remote support anywhere in the world.

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