Is Your Data Safe On The Cloud?

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Cloud Computing

Unless you’re living in isolation without any devices around, you know or have heard of cloud and most probably, you’re using it too. Cloud, in simple words, is a digital storage space that can be expanded limitlessly.

Now if you’re an individual who just wants to save some photos and videos without occupying the inbuilt space of your device, it may not be a great deal, but for businesses, who want to secure the confidential data, it actually is.

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Can You Keep Your Data ‘Safe’ Over The Cloud?

There are many businesses (small and big) who haven’t got convinced with the ability of cloud solutions and their main concern is “security”. Well, doubt is replaced with assurance once you start to understand the technology.

Things About Cloud You Should Know:-

Multiple Copies

The cloud works with a network of multiple servers. So when you save your data on it, there are multiple copies created. This totally rules out the chances of data loss because even if one server fails, there are plenty of others who have the backup.

24/7 Surveillance

Besides keeping your data on multiple servers, the cloud also oversees your data round the clock in a non-top motion. These systems are maintained by dedicated operations centres who take the onus of keeping data intact. They ensure that the servers remain functional and aloof from any sort of digital threats. 

End-to-End Encryption

The end-to-end encryption renders the data inaccessible to third parties. It keeps the senders’ data readable only by the receiver and when the data is en-route, it cannot be decrypted by anyone. It ensures that your data is accessible only to you and the entity you want to share it with.

Grant & Revoke Access

Cloud-storage makes it very easy for you to share the data with your friends, family, and colleagues. At the same time, it enables you to grant and revoke access to your sensitive data. You can share your data with a password and give the latter only to the selected people.

Two-Step Verification

Most cloud solutions give you the ability to secure the data with 2-step verification. It means that when your data is accessed by another person, they will require a one-time-password (OTP) which would be sent to the phone number or email id of the sender. It rules totally rules out any chances of authorized access.

Tips To Keep Your Data Safer On Cloud:-

While the cloud gives you a robust system to secure the data, there are some human errors that might make your data vulnerable or accessible to others. So here are a few tips to ensure that it doesn’t happen:

  • Log out of the cloud system once the data transfer is done
  • Always have a backup copy of the encryption key
  • Keep the two-step verification always on.
  • Keep track of all the files and folders that you’ve shared

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