What Happens To Your Personal Information When You Get Hacked?

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Cyber Security

Words like data theft and security breach used to carry a lot of weight once upon a time. Today, these terms and their occurrences have both become very common. We are more afraid of hackers than pickpockets and thieves. That’s because, knowingly or unknowingly, we store lots of information over the cloud and this data gets accessed by cyber criminals.

At Netlogyx, we understand the complexity of digitization and we make cyber security on the Gold Coast possible for every small and big business. However, it is very important for the end-user to understand the risks and workarounds when your data is hacked. To be able to get it wholly, it is a must that you know why your data gets stolen and what happens to it afterwards.

Here’s How Your Data Is Dealt with By Cyber Criminals:

It Gets Sold

Not if it’s your DOB, phone number or email, but the details related to your credit card or bank account are certainly very interesting for many miscreants. Most of the time, it gets directly up for the sale on the dark web. Think of it as a huge online auction of data. The interested buyers pay the desired amount and use the data as they like.

It Is Used As Ransomware

Mostly, this happens in the case of big organizations or celebrities to whom the data is highly sensitive and valuable. Upon getting access to the data, the hackers contact the said person or company and ask them for money. If the money is not paid, then they threaten to destroy or sell this data to someone else.

It Gets Dispensed With

There are plenty of amateurs in this field who hack data just for fun or to show off their skills to their friends. In such circumstances, there is nothing that happens to your data. You probably don’t even realize that your information has been compromised. 

Used by Scammers

We talked about selling the hacked data in the first point. Now you should know who buys this data. It is usually done by scammers who are able to use this data in some way or the other. Since most bank transactions are executed with a “one-time password”, it gets harder for the scammer to siphon the money off your account easily.

So they come up with vile strategies. They get hold of your information, impersonate themselves as the executives of your bank and verify some of the details to prove themselves right and once you’re convinced that you’re talking to a genuine representative, bingo. They easily get the OTP spelt out of your mouth and take money from your account.

Cyber crime has become a common phenomenon and it is growing at an alarming rate. However, the good thing is, that governments and private organizations are aware of the risks and mostly, they are able to avert such situations. However, once in a while, we get to hear about the shocking news of data theft that involves even the major tech giants of the world.

Thankfully, it is possible to safeguard your data using foolproof solutions. Netlogyx has been doing it for many small, medium and businesses on Gold Coast. We provide robust cybersecurity solutions that are reliable and cost-effective at the same time.