Top Reasons Cyber Security Is More Important Now Than Ever

by | Apr 24, 2021 | Cyber Security

With every passing day we are becoming more reliant on technology and almost everything we do has some sort of online presence about it. Essentially, we can do all of our daily personal administration online, we never really have to leave the house, shopping, banking, communication, entertainment is all done by the stroke of a key. As easy and quick as that may seem this all comes at a price. We were always in control of our own personal security and if you were lucky, you’ve never had your wallet or handbag stolen. Unfortunately, now Cyber Crime is on the rise and as such we need to be ahead of the game to ensure that all our personal information is safe.

What is cyber security?

Cyber Security is a group of practices, processes and technologies that protects all your devices, networks and data from malicious attack and unauthorized access from cyber criminals. It is becoming increasing difficult to implement effective cyber security measures as we are more many different devices, so much so that the devices are now outnumbering the people.

Why is Cyber Security Important?

It is now a fact of life that we can’t go a day without the need for a computer and with that we are now storing much more data than ever before. Due to the increase of the data, cloud-based storage solutions are increasing, again taking the security of our own data out of our hands. We are constantly on mobile devices and using Wi-Fi networks, leaving us open to attack from very clever cyber criminals. We are now storing more personal information on our computers and devices; bank account and credit card details are now more available for theft. Ensuring that you have the best available cyber security solution for all your devices is more important now than ever. We must be vigilant and always be at the cutting edge of cyber security in the Northern Rivers.

Cyber Security Threats

  • Phishing – fraudulent emails that seem like they are from known sources and companies to you.
  • Ransomware – Blocks your system from accessing important information until a ransom is paid.
  • Malware – used to gain access and cause severe damage to your computer.

Whilst these three types of Cyber threats are not the only ways that cyber criminals can wreak havoc with your life, they are three of the most popular.

There is very little that cyber security in the Northern Rivers is extremely important now and the need for it is on the rise. The team at Netlogyx are experts in this field and know what it takes to stay a step ahead if the cyber crims. If you have any questions about cyber security in the Northern Rivers or would like Netlogyx to audit your current set up then don’t waste anytime now, there are already very bad people plotting to steal your information, Neylogyx will help you stop them.