Top Reasons You Should Conduct Network Security Audit

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Network Security Audit

For many business owners, cybersecurity is something that is not often at the forefront of business operations. The fact is business owners and managers focus on the processes that make them money and grow the business. Cybersecurity does not make you money, however, it can cost you money if not implemented properly. Even worse, it can cost your reputation. This is why conducting a network security audit is essential for your business.

What is a network security audit?

A network security audit is essentially an evaluation of the network on which they are built. This means auditing and reviewing their operating systems, security policies, frameworks, and potential security faults.  A network security audit occurs when a specialized IT company or individual will analyse all the previously mentioned aspects of a company, along with their performance on the network, and can even suggest ways to improve safety and efficiency.

How are they completed?

Every IT specialist company has their own specific methods of conducting a network security audit, however, the team at NetlogyxIT are known for their world-class service and workmanship. In terms of network security auditing processes, some of these would include:

  • Device & Platform Identification
  • Security Policy & Security Architecture Review
  • Risk Assessment
  • Firewall Configuration Review
  • Penetration Testing (Attempted Hacking)

All the processes listed above are what comprises a strong network security audit. The team at Netlogyx will conduct the highest level of testing on your companies’ network security.

Why conduct an audit?

Why does my company need a network security audit? Why should I do it? These are questions that business owners may ask themselves when speaking with the team at Netlogyxit. Here are a few reasons why.

Any business owner out there wants one thing, that is growth. A growing business means more revenue and more profit. However, when your business is growing, you are often adding more hardware and software to your business network. During rapid growth periods, the last thing you’re thinking about is conducting a network security audit, instead, you are focusing on keeping up with your business demands.

Another reason for conducting a network security audit is to figure out where your weaknesses lie in terms of security. Knowing where your network is vulnerable is key information, which then allows you to strengthen those areas and ensure they are not exposed by cybercriminals.

Adding to this, by strengthening your weak points, you are greatly reducing the chances of being breached and not being able to operate your business. In the world of cybersecurity, it is almost impossible to guarantee your network is safe, however by conducting network security audits with Netlogyxit, you are giving yourself a much stronger chance of being safe.

Finally, by conducting audits, you can know that you have taken the right steps in protecting your confidential information from potential threats.