Why Are Cyber-Attacks Increasing?

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Cyber Security

Government data given in Parliament shows that in 2020 India reported 1.16 million cyber security northern rivers incidents, which is three times the number registered in 2019. Every day of the year, around 3000 cybersecurity-related incidents were recorded. It is not only concerning in India but also throughout the world, including the United States.


Why did this happen?

The increase of Covid-19 has expedited a tendency that was already on the rise before this. Due to the widespread adoption of WFH around the world, high reliance on technology has become unavoidable. Additionally, the increased adoption of 5G, the interconnectedness of devices, new processes and procedures, updated employee profiles, and less-controlled work environments have all increased security risks.


Historical Background

It’s no secret that hackers have been around for a long time, with the first instance of cybercrime occurring in the late 1970s. The type of cyber attacks, on the other hand, has evolved throughout time. The ability to bring down large organizations was revealed by cyber thieves in 2017, who went from attacking individuals and seeking $100-$200 per person a decade earlier. Attacking business enterprises and governments was significantly more effective than attacking nation-states at this point. As a result of the plight of giant industries,


Recent Attacks

The tactics used by cybercriminals to compromise their targets include social engineering techniques such as phishing and identity theft and spam emails, malware, ransomware, and whaling. Ransomware assaults have been on the rise in the United States during the previous few weeks. The Colonial Pipeline, which transports natural gas, jet fuel, and diesel to the East Coast, was the site of the first significant incursion. J.B. Snipes & Company, one of the world’s largest beef suppliers, was another option.


Action by Corporate India

Even though there are no foolproof procedures to protect oneself against an assault, there are several basic hygiene elements that, if handled, can assist firms in keeping their data secure.


But the majority of businesses do not even adhere to the most fundamental of business ethics. “To get new digital goods to market as quickly as possible, even tech businesses in Silicon Valley make compromises on safety. As a result, many people choose speed over safety. Getting management on board is essential if things are to improve. The integration or deployment of new frameworks or methodologies necessitates the use of a top-down strategy.


Regularly assessing controls, according to NSDL eGovernance Infrastructure Limited, which provides various eGovernment services on behalf of the government to the residents of the country, is essential. Continuous monitoring of data traffic and vulnerability assessment is also required, in addition to the above. Lastly, it is critical to raise client knowledge of the importance of staying safe when shopping.


Trends in Cyber Security

In the cyber security northern rivers area, according to Netlogyx, which delivers end-to-end integrated engineering, quality services, and management consulting for digital transformation.


Weakest Link

The weakest link in your chain determines your overall strength, and in the case of cyber security, it is the unskilled person who can pose the most risk. Simply, a mobile-first platform for credit card payments, claims it mitigates this risk by conducting monthly training sessions for all workers to ensure that they are aware of phishing emails and social engineering attempts and how to report them as soon as possible they are identified.